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Learn How You Can Retrain Your Bladder Naturally

Using The Unique Dry Swan Bladder Exercise

What's this eBook all about?

How To Retrain And Get Relief For Urge Incontinence Sufferers.

Welcome to the Dry Swan Exercise

Access the unique and simple Dry Swan Exercise. When used in conjunction with advice from Tess Hansel you will see and feel results in no time.

Practice Makes Perfect

Discover correct hydration techniques. Tess shows you how important hydration is to controlling your urge and stress incontinence.

Discover the underlying issues

An holistic approach to a problem affecting 1 in 3 women today aged between 20 and 65+. Sounds scary...not any more. You can take back your bladder control.

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WOW! Thank you so much for your Dry Swan Exercise, it works a treat! I am so much more confident now driving from job to job. I wish I had known about Dry Swan years ago.
Dog Groomer
This unique exercise has solved my 'leakage' problems during my daily exercise routine. It has returned my confidence to continue exercising without embarrassment.
Admin Officer
This is amazing - from the first time I tried it I felt the 'urge' to go disappear which gave me time to get to the toilet.
Graphic Designer

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A word from the author - Tess Hansel

'You see, I have learnt the hard way that it takes years of poor dietary choices - and there's no finger-pointing here. There are all sorts of reasons why we find ourselves in poor health but one of them is stress and lack of time. It's just easier to buy processed and ready-made food when you are working 11 hour days. That's what I did.

It took me years to claw back my good health and the need to stop and assess why I was experiencing urinary incontinence and now it is awesome to be able to share what I have discovered with you, so you don't have to spend years trying to figure it all out.

So, the balance has now returned to my life - and I am centre stage of the nurturing and caring. The amazing thing is I have more love and care to give than ever!

What about you? When was the last time you took a good look at:

your diet,
stress level,
work commitments.
friends list - you may have to shorten that and get rid of the negative nellies, you know those people who drain you and almost never give anything back,
medications - research what they do and their side effects,
lack of 'you' time.
This is serious and urinary incontinence is a very clear signal to you that something is very wrong with your overall health. Only you can figure out what that is, and I'm here to help you do that.'